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have to be at the technology centers and at the exchange to monitor and to basically oversee the technology. you are putting people's lives at risk, a. and, b, a lot of broker dealers who are providing the order flow to the markets, not just in new york but to the nasdaq and to the alternative systems that compete for trading share are going to be closing their facilities to keep their people out of harm's way. so, look, a shutdown of a couple of days to save one human life is absolutely the right thing to do. >> we have heard about the federal authorities and regulators. obviously they would have concerned about these things. how often do calls like this take place, dick? >> you know, becky, the agencies that share responsibility for our capital markets, the cftc, fed, treasury, they are all staffed by incredibly competent people who understand what i said a moment ago and that is while it's important for our capital markets to function and given the fact that america is the global center of trading, it's important to never put that responsibility and that demand ahead of th
in tech right now driven by new technology that businesses have to use, whether it's mobile apps, virtualization, cloud computing, large data or big data analysis. these are all new technologies that businesses have to deal with today that they didn't have to deal with just a few years ago. >> a number of websites help you learn how to write code. kids trying to learn new skills. can they actually do that or are you finding there are jobs available for people like that who figured it out sort of on their own? >> there's definitely developer jobs. we have more application developer positions on on our site than at anytime before. i'm not so sure you can learn all the skills you need to know from and online course. a better course of sacks to go to the community colleges and get formally trained. >> okay. appreciate it. coming up at 8:15, we'll get the brand new adp employment report for the month of october. we'll have the newspapers first with mark zandi. first month for him. >> coming up, super storm sandy leaving millions without power in the northeast and shutting down public
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3